Roo Dog, LLC is proud to offer handmade leashes and ship them to pups all over the United States from N. Attleboro MA! Every leash is hand-dyed & handmade exclusively by Laura - the Founder of Roo Dog, LLC


Items Available for Order

For the URBAN STROLLER; The "3 - 4" Footer 
A shorter leash option for those long, chaotic walks from city block to city block, a cruise around the rural neighborhood, or simply a trip to one of the local parks. Keep your pooch closer and your walks more structured with this leash, anytime & anywhere 


For the ATHLETIC SNIFFER; The "5 - 6" Footer
A longer leash option for those extended outdoor walks and hikes with your best friend, or simply for that run around the block without tripping over yourself. Give your pup a little more freedom to roam and sniff the fresh air, all while still keeping control of them in the moment


For the TOUGH PUP; The "2 Foot Trainer"
The shortest leash option we have available is for those dogs who need the extra direction when out and about. This leash is perfect for anyone who is looking to add more structure to their walks and teach their pups that they're not in the drivers seat all the time

**1/2" Diameter Rope Orders Only**


The Facts +

With both safety & comfort in mind, each leash is handmade and cut from either 3/8" or 1/2" diameter, 100% cotton rope, and then dyed with non-toxic Rit fabric dye. Our leashes are hand spliced and equipped with a sturdy stainless steel snap hook & an 'o-ring' for keys or poop bags

At check out you will be prompted to select a size and length. We also ask if you could please select what color leash you'd like (we can do almost any color you can think of) and which dye technique - either tie-dye or solid in color

Those who forget to select a technique will be forced into the default selection - one solid color


The Details +

The 3/8" diameter leash is reccommended for dogs 40lbs or less

The 1/2" diameter leash is reccommended for dogs over 40lbs

We have three different lengths available for purchase - please see the details above for what the perfect fit for you would be


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Roo Dog Leashes
  • Washing & Drying Your Roo Dog Leash

         All Roo Dog leashes are made with 100% cotton rope, which means they can only be washed and dryed by hand. We reccommend using a scentless, high quality dish soap with luke-warm water while gently scrubbing away any stains. Air dry the leash overnight for the best results


    Color Quality & Leash Sustainability

         Every leash is hand dyed and then air dried for a minimum of 24 hours prior to being assembled into a leash. But like any product, wear and tear and extended usage over time will cause the color of the leash to fade faster


         Every leash is held together by using a very sturdy sailor's grade splice for extra security and comfort. The way the splice works is when the dog pulls on the leash, the splice absorbs that energy and in return tightens itself - making it more secure than your ordinary leash. The splice itself is next to impossible to break, but that being said it won't stop teeth! So don't allow fido around the leash unsupervised

  • Due to the time, effort, and personal requests that go into every Roo Dog product being made, we are unable to process any refunds or returns. If you have any issues with your order please contact Laura as soon as you can to discuss a solution 

         Laura can be reached via email anytime -


    Thank you for your understanding and support of small businesses like us